We Have Launched Our Special Arcana Shores 1st Edition Tarot Cards Deck!

  • Astrology Chart Readings | 1-hr Zoom

    Astrology Chart Reading With Past Life

    After booking please be sure to submit your details of birthdate, time and place of birth.

  • Quantum Human Design | 60 MIN

    Quantum Human Design is the most precise and practical map for letting go of conditioning and aligning with your higher purpose. This is a decode of your Human Design Map. It points the way to your definition of satisfaction, success, peace and utilizing your energy towards your goals and Realignment with your energy.


    The Spotlight Program offers a unique opportunity for businesses and individuals to promote themselves on our platform. For a fee of $100 per show, you can showcase your company or personal brand in a 60-minute segment.

  • Financial Fridays - Predictions for the Economy and Financial:

    Navigate the economic landscape with confidence! Join us for Financial Fridays, where we offer Tarot predictions for the economy and financial markets. Gain insights that can inform your financial decisions and outlook.

  • Morning Inspiration Tarot - Coffee & Cards:

    Begin your day with a beautiful mindset! Join us for Morning Inspiration Tarot, where we delve into strengthening intuition, receiving angel messages, manifestation techniques, and uplifting health and wellness tips. Let us guide you towards a positive and empowering start.

  • Mid Week Day Show - Entertainment Industry and World News Forecast - Tarot:

    Stay ahead with our Mid Week Day Show, offering unique insights into the entertainment industry and world news forecast through the lens of Tarot. Explore the mystical intersection of current events and spiritual guidance.